Your holiday gift solution is here – and it’s not a video game…
in fact, it’s huge fun for the entire family!

Eager to get your kids off their phones, off the couch, and outside?

You may have played Capture the Flag as a kid, but never like this! Introducing: Capture the Flag REDUX, the glow-in-the-dark game that kids and adults can BOTH get excited about!

Today’s kids are glued to their screens and we all know it’s a problem.

With childhood obesity at an all-time high, and kids becoming more antisocial with every new console game and mobile app that comes out, it’s easy to see why parents are frustrated – we want our kids to enjoy the outside games we used to play as kids!

If you feel this way, take heart – parents everywhere are feeling the same way; struggling to peel their kids off the couch, out of their dark bedrooms, and away from their video games.

Enter Capture the Flag REDUX, the crazy-fun glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag game that people are simply going nuts for.

If you’ve been searching for the “perfect” non-video game, non-screen-time holiday gift idea this year, you’ve just found it!

What makes Capture the Flag REDUX so much fun?


Get people outside and having fun — without TVs, computers or phones


Whether you’re 5 or 55, as long as you can guard, run and hide, you can play!


Capture the Flag REDUX is great fun for any and all occasions:


Ready for something different or a new challenge? Use REDUX to play SEVEN NEW GAMES and six bonus rule variations. Game examples include:


Setup takes less than five minutes — and the game is so easy to learn that kids can teach themselves how to play! Simply:

Light up the dark for a thrilling Capture the Flag experience!

Capture the Flag REDUX includes everything needed to play, right out of the box.

  • Two Orbs

    Use a glowing ball of light instead of the traditional “flag.” Requires two CR1632 batteries per orb (included).


    Color-coded LED Bracelets help you easily identify friend from foe. All batteries (three AG3s per bracelet) are included.


    Need a refresher on capture the flag rules? Concerned that REDUX offers too many changes? Get it all cleared up using our easy-to-­follow, fully illustrated Rulebook.


    No more vague “the jail is this area”! Contain your opponents using a square of light. Includes 4 blue and 4 green Jail Markers. Requires two CR2032 batteries per light (included).


    Not only do these cards provide new ways to play Capture the Flag, the game kit also offer several entirely new games like Invader and Werewolves vs. Hunters.


    Ditch the line in the sand! Reduce cheating and create clearer boundaries using these ultra­-bright red Territory Lights. Requires two CR2032 batteries per light (included).

The gift-giving holidays are upon us!
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For only $59.90 Capture the Flag REDUX is fun for the whole family, and has unlimited replay value – unlike so many video games that once beaten, rarely or never get played again.

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Get Capture the Flag REDUX in time for the holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fewest number of people that can play?

The game is meant for 4-32 people, but the more the better, and expansion packs are available for adding more players, including a third team color for added challenge and fun!

Are batteries included?

Yes! The game comes with all required batteries and is ready to play out of the box!

If I need replacements, what size batteries are needed for the game pieces?

Use the following:

LED Bracelets: 2x CR732
Territory Lights and Jail Markers: 2x CR2032
Orbs: 3x AG3

What age group is this game most appropriate for?

As long as your child can understand the simple game concepts of hide the orb, territory boundaries, evade capture, and rescue teammates, they will have an absolute blast playing. REDUX is listed for players aged 12 or older because we feel confident that a group of 12-year-olds who know nothing about the kit could open the box and start playing within just a few minutes, HOWEVER, younger kids, especially if they already know how to play Capture the Flag or are mixed in with older players, will also have a great time playing!

Can I buy extra bracelets?

Yes! Extra bracelets are available for sale on our official website.

How long do the batteries last?

Battery life is between 24-48 hours continuous use.

Quantities are limited! Order before Dec. 18th for standard shipping or before Dec. 21st for 2-day shipping to ensure delivery by Dec. 25th.

Give the gift of outdoor fun this year and get the kids off the couch and away from their mind-numbing video games!


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