Capture the Flag Redux – A New Twist on the Classic Outdoor Game
CTF Redux
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Classic Game, Modern Twist

The sun has set. Time to go inside and watch TV?
It’s time for stealth, speed and strategy.
It’s time for fun.
It’s time for Capture the Flag REDUX.

Play Capture the Flag in the dark using our unique LED lighting kit

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How to Play
The Game


Welcome to Capture the Flag REDUX, a gaming kit that uses LED lights to transform the classic outdoor game “Capture the Flag” into an after-sunset adventure.

Your mission: Steal the Orb. Your challenge: Sneak past the red war lights and onto enemy lines, capture the Orb, and get it back to your territory. Who knows what waits for you in the darkness? Whatever you do: Don’t get caught.

So get your friends, family, or youth group together — and play Capture the Flag at night. An adventure awaits you!

What's Inside
The Kit

Key Features

  • Nighttime activity ideal for youth
  • Perfect for groups of six+ people
  • Great outdoor activity
  • Motivates physical exercise
  • Develops teamwork and camaraderie
  • Reinvents a classic game for today’s generation
  • Visually dynamic and futuristic
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Ideal For...

  • Families
  • Scout Troops
  • Youth Groups
  • College Activity Nights
  • Birthday Parties
  • After School Programs
  • Summer Camps